What Is My Learning Style?
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Learning Styles Test 1

Click on the appropriate circle after each statement. You must give an answer for ALL statements.
Once you have given a response for all statements, click on the "Tell Me My Learning Style" button below.

1. I can remember more about something new or difficult by talking about it rather than reading about it.
2. I prefer new or difficult information to be presented by using posters, books and/or video.
3. I remember new or difficult things better if I write it down.
4. I learn something new or difficult by making posters, models, or doing some other creative task related to the topic.
5. If I have to learn how to do something new or difficult, I learn best if someone tells me how to do it.
6. I best learn something new or difficult by working with my hands and making things related to the topic.
7. Looking at someone telling or showing me something new or difficult really helps me to stay focused.
8. If I have to tell someone how to do something, I have no trouble in giving good, clear instructions.
9. When I write things down I push hard on my pen or pencil and feel the flow and shape of the words as I form them.
10. I prefer it when my teacher uses the whiteboard, the OHP or posters when they talk about new or difficult topics.
11. When I am not sure how a word is spelled I spell it out aloud to see if it sounds right.
12. I learn new or difficult things very well by writing them down many times.
13. My school exercise books are quite untidy.
14. Sound bothers me when I am studying.
15. I like to eat snacks while I study.
16. When I take a test I can see my notes or the textbook in my head.
17. I take frequent breaks when I study.
18. I would rather listen and learn something new or difficult than read and learn something new or difficult.
19. I am good at solving geometric puzzles (jigsaw puzzles, tangrams, pentominoes, mazes, etc).
20. I like to fidget or play with something while I am doing schoolwork.
21. It's hard for me to read something new or difficult without getting distracted easily.
22. I enjoy learning about a new or difficult topic by reading about them.
23. I enjoy sports and am good at several different types of sports.
24. If I have to solve a new or difficult problem, I use my entire body or move objects to help me think.
25. When I give instructions I like to give lots of details.
26. When I have to solve a new or difficult problem, I like to draw diagrams and use sketches to help me find a solution.
27. If I have to give instructions I prefer to be as brief as possible.
28. When someone is telling me about something, I enjoy listening but I also interrupt often and say something as well.
29. If I had to remember a list of items I would prefer to move around and touch the items.
30. When I read I often fidget and try to "feel" the content or even act out parts of what I read.