What Is My Learning Style?
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The Global vs. Analytical Test


Complete the questionnaire below by clicking in the square.
Check all statements that you think are true about yourself as a learner.
If you think the statement is NOT true about you, leave it blank.
Once you have checked all the statements which are true about yourself,
click on the Do I Think GLOBALLY or ANALYTICALLY button below.

1 I make most decisions based on my feelings, rather than look at all the facts and figures.
2 I don't use many gestures when I explain something to someone.
3 I enjoy doing more than one thing at a time.
4 I can work well even when it is noisy.
5 I take frequent breaks when I study.
6 I enjoy learning from posters, photographs, looking at models, etc.
7 I prefer to sit at a desk when I study.
8 I study best when it is quiet.
9 I prefer studying in a very well-lit area.
10 I prefer studying in a shaded area.
11 When I am given an assignment, I like the teacher to give clear, detailed instructions.
12 I don't like to eat or drink while I study.
13 I usually finish my homework on time.
14 I enjoy studying while sitting in a soft chair or couch.
15 I find it difficult having to sit in one place for a long time.
16 When I study I get distracted easily by noise in the background.
17 I like to work alone.
18 I prefer to work in a small group or with a partner.
19 I prefer to study with background music.
20 I feel more comfortable in cool weather than I do in warm weather.
21 I like my teacher to check my school work.
22 I prefer warm temperatures to cool temperatures.
23 I can sit in one place for a long time.
24 I am easily motivated to do my school work.
25 I concentrate best when working at a table or desk.
26 I often nibble while I study.
27 I don't like bright light when I study.
28 I like to do well at school.
29 I often forget to finish my homework.
30 I like studying with others.
31 I think it's important to have new information introduced with humour or a good, interesting story.
32 When I am working on a task, I like to finish it.
33 I prefer sitting or lying on cushions or on the floor when I study to sitting at a desk.
34 I prefer to do one task at a time.
35 I don't enjoy working in groups.
36 I don't really care about getting certificates, stickers or stamps as rewards for my work.
37 I like to make my parents happy by getting good marks.
38 I don't enjoy working in groups.
39 I don't enjoy getting a lot of instructions.
40 I prefer to have instructions written down so I can check on them again later.
41 When I explain something, I gesture quite a lot.
42 I tend to use logic and look at facts and figures to help me make my decisions rather than my emotions or 'gut feeling'.
43 It is often difficult for me to get interested in my school work.